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G.T.B.L Records Trivia

What was the longest game ever played?

  • In the 1999 play-offs, on Wednesday, March 24th, the Central Lady Irish defeated the Central Wackers, 1 to 0, scoring the game winning goal, with 5:42 on the clock, during the 6th Overtime period.

G.T.B.L Schools Trivia

What school or schools have had at least one team involved in our program every year since our broomball program first began in 1977?
Bowsher is the only school that has always had at least one team, every year.

G.T.B.L Teams Trivia

What is the all time greatest GTBL broomball team?

  • Bowsher Red, with 4 GTBL Championship Game appearances(1984, 1985, 1986, & 1987), 3 GTBL Championships (1985, 1986, & 1987), 3 undefeated GTBL seasons (1985, 1986, & 1987), & undefeated Champions of the very first Toledo Winterfest Broomball Tournament (1986).

What team has scored the most goals in a single season?

  • Bowsher Ice Lightening, 1998, 130 goals scored.

What team scored the most goals in a single season, prior to implimenting the illegal defense rule in 1997?

  • Bowsher Purple, 1994, 80 goals scored.

What team has allowed the fewest scores in a single season?

  • Bowsher Blue, 1981, no goals during the regular season, and 1 goal allowed during the play-offs.

G.T.B.L Coaches Trivia

Who is the “Dean” of all active GTBL Coaches?

  • Jerry Masters is the Dean of GTBL Coaches, having coached continuously since 1988. This will be his 12th broomball season as a GTBL coach, his career history including taking his Bowsher Silver team to the GTBL Championship Game and winning it all in 1991, and taking his Maumee Purple team to the GTBL Championship Game and losing 1-0 to become league runner-up in 1997.

G.T.B.L Players Trivia

Who scored the quickest goal?

  • Tammy Roder, Bowsher Red, 1986, Bowsher Red vs. Oregon. The goal was scored on the opening face-off, with the center winning the face-off and passing the ball back to Tammy, who scooped the ball the from beyond mid court for the score, at the 7:51 mark on the game clock (before the coaches had a chance to get off the ice for the start of the game).

Who scored the second quickest goal?

  • Jennifer Trzcinski, Start Ice Angels, 1999, Ice Angels vs. Notre Dame Thunder. It was opening night of the 1999 season, and the number #1 seed in the Red Conference, the Notre Dame Thunder, was playing the number #9 seed (in a field of 16 teams), the Start Ice Angels. On the opening face-off Jennifer Trzcinski got the ball and scooped it from just beyond mid court into the Notre Dame net with 7:47 showing on the clock. Afterwards the Ice Angels held on to win 1-0.

Who scored the quickest back-to-back goals?

  • Danielle McConnell, Bowsher Purple, 1994, Bowsher Purple vs. Central. The first score came after the center won a face-off and passed the ball back to Danielle, who then scooped the ball from beyond mid court for the score, and then immediately repeated the feat in the ensuing face-off after the score.

What goalie has allowed the fewest goals?

  • Theresa Heumann, Bowsher Blue, 1981, no goals allowed during the regular season, one goal allowed in the playoffs during the championship game.

What player has scored the most goals in a single season?

  • Jennifer McDonald, Bowsher Mighty Ducks, 1999, in nineteen games she scored a total of 53 goals.

G.T.B.L Championships Trivia

What team has made the most appearances in the GTBL Tournament Championship Game?

  • Bowsher Red in 1984, 1985, 1986, & 1987

What team has won the most GTBL Tournament Championship Games?

  • Bowsher Red in 1985, 1986, & 1987

What school has won the most GTBL Tournament Championship Games?

  • Bowsher teams collectively have won a total of 13 Championship Games, winning in 1981 (Bowsher Blue), 1984 (Bowsher Blue), 1985 (Bowsher Red), 1986 (Bowsher Red), 1987 (Bowsher Red), 1988 (Bowsher Gray), 1989 (Bowsher White), 1990 (Bowsher White), 1991 (Bowsher Silver), 1993 (Bowsher Green), 1994 (Bowsher Purple), 1997 (Bowsher Scarlett & Black), & 1999 (Bowsher Mighty Ducks).