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2017-2018 Coaches Meetings

Broomball is right around the corner.  We’ve established this seasons coaches meeting dates.  All meetings are at 7pm at Bowsher in the cafeteria.

October 18

November 8

November 29 (Turn in Night!)

January 10 (Season Guide)

2017 Coaches Meetings

The 2017 season is right around the corner.  The coaches meetings for the season are set for:

October 19, November 9, November 30 (turn in night), and January 11 (season guide).  All are 7 pm at Bowsher.

2015/2016 Coaches Meetings

Coaches -  mark your calendar for the upcoming coaches meetings.  Our rules state you must have a representative at each meeting to avoid a penalty.  Not sure what that is? Refresh on the rules, which is a good idea anyway!

All meetings will be held at Bowsher High School in the Cafeteria at 7 pm, unless notified otherwise.

October 15, November 4, November 30 (Turn in night), January 13 (Season Guide), and February 24.

See you soon!  Spread the word on broomball and lets get more teams in the league, which means more games for your team!

2015 Upcoming Coaches Meetings

The 2014-2015 season is quickly approaching.  Coaches, mark these dates down.  All coaches meetings will be at 7:00 pm at Bowsher High School.

October 14, November 5, November 25 (Team turn in night), January 13 (Season Guide), Feb/March TBD.

Info for Coaches

Coaches – There will be a coaches meeting on Thursday, November 7 at 7 pm in the Bowsher cafeteria.  Additionally, the roster and release form have been updated to the coaches resources page.  Look for the documents for 2014.  League fees for new players this year is $75.  This will include a wooden handled broom.  League fees for returning girls is $65.  Remember no practicing until December 1 and every player must be a player on your current roster (with money and release form turned into the Board) or else they cannot practice.

Upcoming Coaches Meetings

The 2013-2014 season is quickly approaching.  Remember no practices until December 1. The upcoming coaches meetings are as followed:  October 16, November 26 (money and release forms are due), January 15 (Season Guide).  All meetings are at Bowsher at 7pm.