Final Standings

The standings that are appearing on throughout the website are not accurate, based on our rules.  If teams are tied in points, the first tie breaker is head to head, then by goal difference.  Based on that, the team standings should be:

Red Conference
1 Whitmer Sabers
2 Start Chaos
3 Clovers
4 Maumee Broombombers
5 Bowsher Stormy Ice
6 Southview Pirates
7 Notre Dame Wizards
8 Whitmer Panthers (White)
9 Central Fireballs
10 Start Ice Creepers
11 Bowsher Bandaidz
12 Bowsher Fire on Ice
13 Bowsher Bomb Pops
14 Maumee Meltdown
15 Central Irish Ice
Blue Conference
1 Bowsher 32 Below
2 Bowsher Kosmos
3 Anthony Wayne Ice Breakers
4 Bowsher Ice Queens
5 Northview Ice Ninjas
6 Whitmer Panthers (Blue)
7 Maumee Pure Energy
8 St. Ursula Chill Out
9 Start Lady Spartans
10 Bowsher Black Ice
11 St. Ursula Shattered Ice
12 Bowsher Frostbite
13 Anthony Wayne Hailstormers
14 Maumee Iced Out
15 Maumee Midnight Madness
16 Ottawa Hills